My name is Joseph McDermott. I run Against The Grain Woodcraft which is based near the village of Kilkelly in Co Mayo in the west of Ireland.I create handmade wooden gifts from locally sourced native Irish timber.

It was my desire to work creatively and my love of nature, in particular trees and woodland, that led me to setting up Against the Grain Woodcraft. I am mostly a self taught woodcrafter but have been lucky enough to meet some people throughout my life who have been very generous in sharing their knowledge with me.

At Against the Grain Woodcraft I produce high quality bespoke wooden gifts that are made to last. In making my pieces I strive to maintain the distinct nature of each piece of wood. My inspiration comes from the visible appearance of the timber. Some of the timber I use can be hundreds of years old. The trees used are either felled during high winds or because they have become dangerous. It is nice to think that they can live on in some form.

Against the Grain Woodcraft, designed by nature finished by hand!

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